The Supreme Council (Clan Leaders Only!)

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Forum rules
  • No thread bumping. If you made some update to your main thread, put the edit date at the end of the title.
  • No asking members for free pokemon/password/emails or any other such nonsense.
  • Fighting with other clans only through pokemon battle. No insulting each other or fighting in each others' threads.
  • Your clan specific rules will not be enforced by the Admin. Post reporting is only for people breaking forum rules.
  • You may not advertise your clans in other threads. You may also not message random people in-game or forums telling them about your clan. The only place your can mention them is in your signature or your game profile message.
  • If you have decided to close your clan, make a final post to your thread explaining this and close the thread.
  • Clans will be closed if the person starting the clan, or multiple members of the clan are being a nuisance in forum or game.
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The Supreme Council (Clan Leaders Only!)

Post by Polaris » Mon May 07, 2018 2:10 am

Hello! Welcome to The Supreme Council!

This clan is meant as an alliance of active and live-battle clans in this game!

Clan Objectives:
1. to unify various clans for a more organized interaction among all live battle players
2. to engage in live battles among members of all clans (Clan vs. Clan)
3. to share experiences and tips with regards to live battling
Clan Requirements:
1. Must be the Founder or Leader of a clan
2. Must be active daily
3. Must have Facebook and/or Discord
4. Must be a good figure of authority
5. Must have decent and behaved clan members
Clan Official Events:
Clan Vs Clan (to be updated)
How to join:
1. Message here or me in-game (Polaris) your CLAN.
2. Join our official Facebook/Discord links (to be updated).
3. Inform your members about the existence and purpose of this clan.
Member Clans:
Checkmate! Clan (Polaris)
Dragon Slayers (JosuaTheChampion)
Let's play together! Happy gaming!
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