Is it a bad idea to watch scary movies before bed

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Is it a bad idea to watch scary movies before bed

Post by KingEzra123 »

Is it a bad idea to watch scary movies before bed :shock: :o

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Post by paarth121 »

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Post by Ultima »

It honestly depends upon the person. I like to literally watch very scary movies before bed honestly.
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Post by Sylvia »

Yeah scary movies are fun to watch during the nights with all the lights off lol

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Post by ChiefFlash »

Personally I like to watch horror movies with friends/family. It's a lot more fun, cause you can joke around.

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Post by Orangejuice »

yeah , i agree

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Post by warrior sanju »

yes really its scared

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Post by Eministic »

I honestly have no problem as long as I'm in front of the TV. The moment I get up to get something (pretzels :3) I feel weirded XD

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Post by Housefullagain »

Yes I can not sleep for 3 hours after watching horror movie

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Post by Zacianrulz27 »

It will give you nightmares but I'm cool with it
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