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d1g1t wrote: Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:20 amIntroduce yourselves!
Hi this is Bhavesh Again

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hi I'm pppll and my account is NRTRDragon
i also have secondary account called pppll

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Hi Im Yajus Delugerpg is my favorite game

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I'm analyzing offers, I have some legendary pokemons to exchange between them:

-galarian articuno
-galarian moltres
-mega latios (atk + def + spe)

accept offers with normal or rare retro pokemons !!

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My name is Het. My username is Donnn. I'm from India. The meaning of my name is 'Love'.
Have A Nice Day Everyone
I Love This Game
I'll Play This Game Forever
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I am tuff, my username is also tuff. I started this game in 2017. But sadly i stopped playing and logged almost once a month! I came back at 2020. And after lockdown i got more active :) this game helped me fight stress and (i maybe spelled wrong) boredome, this is an awesome game and i want to thank the game staff for making such a good game. Thanks again :)

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