Rules sections

Board rules

Please read and follow these rules while you use our forums.

  • Spam

    • Do not reply to yourself. Edit your last post instead. No matter how excited you are about the topic. #
    • Bumping threads is only allowed in the Trading Forum. Refer to Trading forum rules for more information. #
    • Do not have your post or title in all capital letters or lots of special characters. You might think it draws attention to your thread, but when everyone decides to do it, its simply illegible garbage. #
    • Use a proper title. Something that gives people an idea of what your thread is about. Something specific to your thread. Not something vague like 'Trade' or 'Idea'. #
    • Don't use flashing/glittering/distracting text or images in your posts. #
    • Change the size and color of your titles using bbcode instead of images of text #
  • Behaviour

    • Be nice to others. Don't start fights. We don't care who started it #
    • Do not hijack other people's threads. If your post is unrelated to what the thread was created for, create a separate thread. #
    • Do not beg for free stuff. No asking for free accounts, free pokemon or joining accounts #
    • All non-english posts go into the Non-English forum. Not anywhere else. #
    • Keep all trading within the trading forum. (Except non-english. Refer to previous rule) #
  • Signature

    • If your signature is larger than most of your posts, it will be removed. #
    • Do not use unnecessary images in your signature. Don't waste other people's bandwidth. #
    • Do not use flashing/glittering/distracting text or images in your signatures #
    • Consider un-ticking the 'Attach a Signature' option when you post if your signature is taking up most of the page's space. #
    • The Signature is not the place to list your trades or list your team or the pokemon you like. A link to your profile or trade thread is fine. #
    • You may link to your trade threads, clan threads or any other thread you may want to bring attention to. Do not directly link to other sites you are trying to promote.
      That is if you have a clan site or chat, that link goes in your clan thread and the link to the thread can go in your signature. #