Custom BBCodes

You can display pokemon images in your posts using the BBCode 'pokemon'.

So typing

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[pokemon]Shiny Dratini[/pokemon]

makes it show
Shiny Dratini

Pokemon Cards
You can also make it show info about your particular pokemon, if you have its ID
(You can get the ID from the pokemon's 'Trade', 'Remove from Trade', 'View Offers' links. It will be at the end of the link)

Its format is

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Where mwXZbm is the pokemon ID

and that creates a pokemon card like this. A link to the offer page will be shown if the pokemon is up for trade

Pokemon Cards for Pokemon you don't have
When you're looking for a certain pokemon, and you want to show it as a pokemon card, use the 'examplecard' code.

If you were looking for a Shiny Blastoise, the code would look like this

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[examplecard]Shiny Blastoise[/examplecard]
And that would show
Shiny Blastoise
And if you need to show stats, level or exp in the card?

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[examplecard]Shiny Blastoise, 298000, atk def spe[/examplecard]
And that gives us
Shiny Blastoise, 298000, atk def spe
Remember to remove any commas from the exp itself. To use level instead, replace the exp slot with the level

Dealing with Formes
Forme names without any brackets in them should work normally. For Formes with brackets in the names, use a + (plus sign) instead of the space at the beginning and brackets. So 'Vivillon (Sun)' becomes 'Vivillon+Sun'.

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Pokemon Info Link
If you prefer a simple clickable link for the pokemon, simply use the following

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which looks like this

Profile Link
You can link to your profile with the BBCode 'username'
Its in the form

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which displays as Admin